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Analysis of the four major home appliance industry trends: who controls the future?
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Routers or air boxes worth mentioning, both have a strategic significance, they play the role of the platform interface. Each product is a terminal, the information flow between each other, it is precisely those who play a role in the transfer of the parts is easy to be ignored. Nest's success proves that the little thing is a big future.

To "make""

The concept of "manufacturing" is gradually being weakened, and manufacturing is replaced by making. Manufacturing is still stuck in the traditional mode of thinking of the assembly line, especially for the public, being made out of products are often those who do not have the vital signs of the cold product. Making because of the individual wisdom of the intervention, more representative of active vitality, as well as respect for the user.

Before the car industry was Tesla subversion, Detroit has been caught in the pain of transformation. The revelation of the financial crisis for Detroit is that the traditional manufacturing mode of production comes with a slow turn, welfare is the car industry is difficult to make an inventory of the fatal place. Ford claims that it is not a manufacturer, but a technology company. It not only vertical and horizontal MIT, Stanford and the University, in conjunction with the transformation of many Internet companies to the direction of the intelligent vehicle. So, now we see that after the emergence of Tesla, Ford is one of the most calm of the traditional car prices.

We find that the path of technological change will be sorted according to the person's attention retention time. For example, the people of the fragmentation of time to be used, the first change is the mobile phone industry. People in the car more and more time, the next change will come from the automotive industry. And then down, the industry is destined to be subversive is the home industry, including home appliances, because more and more modern home.

Technology products are often out of the make, rather than manufacture out of the.

Trend of information flow

Home appliance industry is destined to become a platform for information flow.

To dilute the "white power" and "black power" boundaries. The method that is based on the work or appearance of a product has fallen behind. If you still only stay in the White / Black dichotomy, seeking subversive breakthrough will be very difficult. Because the information is not distinguish between white and black, it only channel.

Secondly, the smart home or home appliances in the future will never be possible to become a system, we must and car networking, mobile Internet, wearable devices as a whole to get through, forming a large closed-loop information flow. Therefore, the platform to build a home appliance enterprises can not be limited in the field of home appliance products, but should be the direction of the development of information integration platform.

Make full use of the client to obtain user information. Our client here is not a pointer to the existing product development of the client software, but for the user to create a mobile terminal for the future of the technology experience environment. For example, Haier is likely to build the future of smart home mode, first use the mode of the game software to allow users to participate in. User feedback and experience in the game process, often more authentic than the questionnaire, messages and the like.

Play mobile games in the game, the player will have this experience. Free games are often the key to your play, so you pay to buy some props. If you really think these items don't buy, you'll be happy to pay the money. This shows that the experience of the players here is the most real, the most urgent. In the Internet era, the game is often the best way to get the real experience of the user.

The user's one-time payment into an experiential payment

The emergence of a new customer driven by the emergence of a new industry, open source hardware.

Information of the open source is divided into two levels, one is the software, one is the hardware. Software open source with the 70's open source movement and the rise of big data, has been relatively perfect degree. The next step is destined to be open source hardware. This is also a prerequisite for the existence of a customer. Facts have proved that open source is the future.

Open source hardware will bring a revival of the hardware movement, it will break the monopoly of traditional hardware manufacturers.

In the past we buy a product, is a one-time payment, waiting for a few years, the company introduced new products to be eliminated or replaced. Open source hardware brings revolution is that the user will be before the purchase of traditional household electrical appliances to separate the consumer spending, for multiple input.

For example, before the purchase of a refrigerator is 2000 yuan. Now, only 200 yuan. In the next 5 years, the home appliance manufacturers to provide software services by providing revenue, far greater than the original 2000 yuan. That is to say, home appliance manufacturers to provide a cheap hardware, as well as the growing value of software services.

With Haier in the CES this year launched the "days bottles air conditioning as an example. "The biggest problem days bottles are expensive price. Apple pricing is not copied, is built in Jobs himself and apple has long been to create a business and religious atmosphere. Good experience, high pricing model can not be simply copied to Haier's product strategy.

As mentioned in the previous, the open source hardware to lower the cost of hardware, the traditional home appliance manufacturer's modular level can also guarantee the user's DIY. It is important that there is a very important law in the Internet thinking, allowing users to experience low cost.

Internet products profit is not a one-time acquisition of the moment, but gradually get through the user stickiness.

Spare parts dispute

In the mobile Internet, the surface is mobile phone, pad these devices in sing leading role, but the wireless router is the real battleground to. Because the router plays the role of the platform, it can be in the integration of a hardware ecosystem, and intelligent processing.

For example, the release of millet router for home appliance manufacturers more threats, because it is able to co-ordinate the millet TV, boxes and mobile phones and other products. Of course, this test the ability of a business platform integration. Haier in the air box and water box, in the process of Haier to platform enterprise transformation, no doubt these will be the place to demonstrate the integration capabilities of Haier.

Routers or air boxes worth mentioning, both have a strategic significance, they play the role of the platform interface. Each product is a terminal, the information flow between each other, it is precisely those who play a role in the transfer of the parts is easy to be ignored. Nest's success proves that the little thing is a big future.