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Home appliance maintenance quality to change enemy's first cloud customer service service.
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2012, the establishment of the country's first domestic electrical appliances Service cloud platform - 1F5 - to service network".

Figure sketch

In Xixi paradise of a tea house, Liu Yanjun a casual dress is particularly appropriate, just from Beijing to participate in the first China service quality year will come back. Like most entrepreneurs, Liu Yanjun is a good talk. Although 30 years old, but the experience is very rich. After graduating from the University, has been in the AUX group for 12 years, has been in Beijing, Chongqing, Nanchang and other places to stay, colleagues, customers are very good impression on him. At present, he claimed to be a phone self repair, cloud service agents, cloud customer service center, cloud commitment to customer service performance, such as industry initiative and practitioner.

Q: why choose a business in the life of electrical service this line?

Answer: the main reason for a few points:

First of all, there is a demand for enterprises, there is still not fully market-oriented public service platform, which restricts the development of home appliances brands and electricity suppliers.

Secondly, consumer demand, multi brand appliances and maintenance without a home to all done and difficult to distinguish good and bad, with low access threshold, resulting in formal service providers the development bottleneck.

Finally, this is my familiar with the industry, 12 years of sales, business management and after-sales service experience, let me know the market demand and trends. It can be predicted that the electrical appliances after-sales service platform and brand is a trend in the future.

Q: "1F5 - to service network" of the operating model is what?

Answer: 1F5 - to service network currently has 37 branches around the branch, cloud customer service center 48. Mainly for the electricity suppliers and brand enterprises to quickly set up a national service network, to undertake the installation, maintenance, customer service. Commissioned by companies and 1F5 signed a cooperation agreement, installation and maintenance service instructions in 1F5 entered into the system, and progress on real-time tracking information processing, businesses and consumers can also through lynx 1F5 flagship store in piecemeal purchase the required service. 1F5 for the company to save the country after the sale of the network to build management, reduce the risk of the individual may be generated by the user to reduce the purchase concerns of consumers, improve the service response speed and user experience.

Q: Entrepreneurship so far, the company operating conditions?

Answer: on-line in a short period of time more than a year, 1F5 to network service has accumulated numerous clients, now has national and regional cooperation settled more than 60 companies, many of whom PICC, lynx, Amazon, oaks, Daikin, Panasonic, OULIN, Connor, vantage Black & Decker etc. the well-known brands, and Youmeng, O'Neill and some popular network brand. At present, we have launched an in-depth cooperation plan with the well-known electronic business platform.

Core ideas

Small maintenance providers can not keep up with home appliances Service

Many people have an air conditioner to use 10 years, but this 10 years, or warranty card is lost, or warranty card on the phone and address had long been replaced, how to do? In this industry veteran of many years, this situation I necessarily a lot, the crux of the problem is the sale of home appliances has not kept pace with.

As far as I know, by the manufacturer is built into the system of after-sales service network accounted for only 20% of the market, other small service providers are embarrassed to free between the production of enterprises, many still operating without a license, household appliances after-sales market is in urgent need of regulating, there is tremendous business opportunities.

1F5 - to service network, the route is to do business volume commissioned, because the consistency of the product batch, accessories supply and personnel training is relatively simple, suitable for batch to undertake and on the scale. In addition, 1F5 - to service network has been co authorized service providers 2780, currently covering 1000 areas above the county level, and 6000 to be activated service providers, destined to become a line on the line of the industry has become a scarce enterprise.

In addition to service outlets throughout the country, in the convenience of service, service and quality of service, as well as the quality of service, 1F5 service network also has its own set of three-dimensional operating system and service products. For example, UPT service cloud, no matter what appliances, repair service just call a hotline can fix; cloud customer service center, for the regional brand and business provide solid customer experience, close the distance with the user; lynx 1F5 flagship store, for consumers to provide independent, security, quality of service experience.

Under the status of home appliances sales market is very chaotic, specification appliance repair service industry is badly in need of, I think, "1F5 -- to the operation mode of the network service, no doubt for the enterprise, business and consumers, service providers to solve the worries, this just is kingcraft.