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Characteristics of heat exchanger for compressor
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Compact structure, light weight, small volume and high efficiency are the characteristics of the heat exchanger used in series compressor, which is the main basis for the selection of heat exchanger in the design of cooling system.

The automatic control and protection system adopts a PLC programmable controller as the central control unit, and all the operating parameters of the unit are monitored and protected by the program. The automatic timing acquisition of input signals, such as pressure, temperature, pressure difference and flow rate, once the operating parameters value exceeds the specified value, the controller will according to the rules of procedure, output the corresponding alarm signal and implementation of the protection of the action, to ensure that the unit is always in the state of normal and safe work.

At present, the domestic production of piston gas source has the following advantages: (1) choose the same load of quality models, when the exhaust pressure phase, the new car exhaust volume can be increased at least 2 times. For example, the same choice of 15t heavy duty truck, the new model of the exhaust pressure of 15MPa when the exhaust amount of up to 20m/min, while the existing models of exhaust pressure for 15MPa when the exhaust volume is only 10m.

(2) the new model of the assembly of the series compressor unit less, valve and other parts of the total number of vulnerable parts is also greatly reduced, high operating reliability, reduce maintenance costs.

(3) when the series compressor unit is assembled, the vibration and the amplitude are greatly reduced, and the loss of the vehicle is reduced.

(4) the new model is equipped with complete PLC automatic control system and cooling system, which greatly improves the ability of automatic control.

(5) the special function parameters of the new model can be changed according to different requirements, easy to implement.