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Measures to avoid bearing wear
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Bearing wear; contamination bearing; pump installation and the incorrect; vibration transmitted from the external network surge. The running control of grinding machine is a closed control system composed of a synchronous coupling plate, a control panel and a motor. The closed control system is the core of the control system, and the starting of the motor is related to the control system.

The fault phenomenon for the grinding wheel and the workpiece motor can be started at the same time, but soon the hydraulic system of the machine tool suddenly stopped working. From the hydraulic motor stopped to check, and found that the control circuit relay electrical power down, the motor power supply contactor off, which is the direct cause of the fault.

The main function of the synchronous coupling plate is that the output speed of the motor in the continuously variable speed is kept at the same time, respectively, for the two transmission ratio of the different transmission chain. Its working principle is through the variable resistor directly on control panel output control signal, through the comparison of two motor feedback, automatic trimming control board control signal, motor speed to achieve the purpose of, ensure the grinding wheel and the workpiece rotation speed of the motor synchronous increase and decrease. When the coupling plate works, the feedback signal of the grinding wheel motor and the motor of the workpiece is controlled by a logic circuit, and the switch is switched off when the two feedback signal waveform phase difference is about a cycle.

After the AC and DC power supply is fed into the coupling plate, the switch on the coupling plate should be closed, and the synchronous coupling is indicated. After the point is moved by the electric button, the direct current is introduced into the composite plate, indicating that the motor control board is checked. After pressing the work button, the driving coupling board sends out the start command signal to the control panel of the two motor.